Cookie Run Topping Guide: Check here the best September 2022

Cookie Run Topping Guide

Cookie Run Kingdom Topping guide intro 

This blog will give you a brief note on the Cookie Run topping guide. If you are playing this game for the first time, here you will know all the toppings effects for every cookie character in the Cookie Run Kingdom game. Now, without wasting more time, scroll down to check out the Cookie Run Kingdom’s best topping guide.

Cookie Run Topping Guide

The Cookie Run Kingdom toppings are tools that can be used as equipment for the cookie characters, adding bonus stats and effects. The Cookie Run Kingdom game has different cookie toppings you can farm by redoing the levels in the story mode. 

To avail of the toppings, you have to go to the cookie menu, click on cookie, and then select any topping option you want to equip as the topping to the cookies. Every topping is different; therefore, players must choose according to the cookie’s strength. 

And suppose the toppings are equipped for (x2, x3, or x5), and as a bonus, it activates special effects. 

Below this blog on Cookie Run Kingdom topping guide, I will tell you the list of various toppings for all cookie characters.

Cookie Run Kingdom Game’s best toppings and its set effects

  1. Searing Raspberry Topping: Attack Effect
  2. Bouncy Caramel Topping: Attack Speed Effect                                                
  3. Hard Walnut Topping: Defence Effect                                                       
  4. Solid Almond Topping: Damage Resistance Effect
  5. Hearty Hazelnut Topping: Critical Damage Resistance Effect                                                
  6. Juicy Apple Jelly Topping: Critical Damage Resistance Effect
  7. Swift Chocolate Topping: Cooldown Effect
  8. Healthy Peanut Topping: Boosting Effect                                                                                                                                                    
  9. Sugar Candy Topping: Buffs Power boosting Effect
  10.  Kiwi Topping: Resistance Effect for debuff                                                                                             

Various Cookie Run Kingdom Topping guide

Guide for the Bouncy Caramel Topping 

In this game, the Bouncy Caramel Topping raises the speed of attack; that means if the player wants to rise the attack speed of the cookie characters, they can select and activate its set effect. And on various stages like: 6-1, 6-6, 6-11, 6-16, 6-21, 6-26, 7-3, 7-8, 7-13, 7-18, 7-23, 7-28, 8-3, 8-8, 8-13, 8-18, 8-23 players can farm Bouncy Caramel Topping.

Guide for the Solid Almond Topping

In the Cookie Run Kingdom topping guide, the Solid Almond Topping effect helps resist the damage. The player can equip the set effect to increase damage resistance when needed. In this game, player can activate Solid Almond Topping on these stages: 6-1, 6-6, 6-11, 6-16, 6-21, 6-26, 7-3, 7-8, 7-13, 7-18, 7-23, 7-28, 8-3, 8-8, 8-13, 8-18, 8-23.

Guide for the Searing Raspberry Topping 

The Searing Raspberry Topping effect helps in the (ATK bonus) attack attribute that impacts the DPS in Cookie Run kingdom. Players can avail the set effect to rise the ATK of a cookie character and use the Searing Raspberry Topping on the following stages: 6-2, 6-12, 6-17, 6-27, 7-4, 7-9, 7-14, 7-19, 7-29, 8-4, 8-14, 8-24.

Guide for the Hearty Hazelnut Topping

The hearty Hazelnut Topping effect helps the cookie character in critical damage (CRIT) Resistance. Select this set effect for the cookie characters in Cookie Run Kingdom game to avail CRIT damage Resistance which can be farm on the following stages: 6-7, 6-17, 6-22, 6-27, 7-4, 7-9, 7-14, 7-19, 7-29, 8-4, 8-9, 8-14, 8-24.

How to get a Swift Chocolate Topping guide?

In this effect, it gives the (CD) cooldown benefits. And player can farm Swift Chocolate Topping effect on Cookie Run Kingdom game in various stages like: 6-3, 6-8, 6-13, 6-18, 6-23, 6-28, 7-5, 7-10, 7-15, 7-20, 7-25, 7-30, 8-5, 8-10, 8-15, 8-20,8-25.

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