Giant Animals That Are Bigger Than Usual Exist In The World

Giant animals that are bigger than usual exist in the world.

Isn’t it rare to find a dinosaur-sized animal in today’s world? However, there are real giant animals that are bigger than usual that are one of a kind. Have you ever seen or heard of a bear-sized donkey or a dog with taller legs like a giraffe? Don’t be surprised because these huge animals actually exist in the world, and today I am going to talk about those animals on my blog. So without further ado, scroll down and read about gigantic animals that actually exist

Great Dane dog – George

George is a Great Dane dog breed who lives with his owner David Nasser in Tucson, Arizona, who secured the Guinness world record and was officially declared the world’s tallest living dog. George is 100 pounds more than an average Great Dane. He is a 245-pound dog who is 3 ½ feet at the shoulder and 7 feet long as an adult.

Big rabbit – Darius

Big rabbit Darius holds the title for being four feet four inches long and eats 700 apples a year. But this cute bunny was stolen from his home and believed to be dead by the owner. However, lately, Darius has been exceeded in length by another bunny named Jeff, who is four feet five inches long. 

Large Tortoise – Goliath

The large tortoise, Goliath, holds the world record for being the biggest Turtle, who was 919 pounds. Goliath lived a long life but unfortunately passed away in 2002. 

World’s biggest horn – Watusi

The African Ankole-Watusi, named Lurch, holds the record for the world’s biggest horn, which is around 37.5 inches in circumference. 

Biggest Raccoon

This huge Raccoon was raised by a family in Pennsylvania who weighed 75 pounds, making him the world’s largest Raccoon.

Big Jake – horse

Big Jake is a name of a horse that was the biggest horse as per the Guinness World Record in 2012. Jake weighed around 2,600 pounds and was six feet and 9 inches tall.

Maine Coon – Stewie

Maine Coon is a domesticated cat breed usually weighing 5.9 – 8.2 kg (Male, Adult) and 3.6 – 5.4 kg (Female, Adult). However, this Maine Coon named Stewie weighs up to 18 pounds and is 48.5 inches long, which is a whole lot of cats. 

1.6 inches long Ant

This Amazonian Ant is not the kind of Ant you possibly have seen in your garden. It is a female Amazonian Ant that can grow up to 1.6 inches long, who are very vicious.

Giant Rabbit – Flemish 

Flemish is a huge bunny who has grown to 22 pounds and is 4 feet long. 

Gigantic piggy

Normally pigs weigh up to 300 pounds. But this pig from China is bigger than a Hogzilla if compared, as this pig weighed around 1,984 pounds, which is a lot of bacon.


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