Know why Pokimane Without Makeup look went viral in 2018

Pokimane without makeup

Pokimane is an active Twitch broadcaster who steamed without makeup in one of her broadcasts in 2018. Unfortunately, it went viral with a headline that said, Poki without makeup. However, after so many years, it is still one of the top google phrases on the internet.

Undoubtedly, all the streamers, especially female streamers on Twitch, take care of their appearance. And Pokimane is one of the most beautiful streamers in the Twitch community. But on a particular stream in 2018, she came up without makeup, which became a hot topic for most of Pokimane’s followers. They trolled Pokimane for her no-makeup look.

Why is “Pokimane no makeup look” still the most searched topic on Google?

In 2018, Pokimane did a makeup tutorial video on the Twitch community. And in order to start the makeup tutorial, Pokimane goes makeup-free. And that is when Pokimane’s followers mocked her and trolled her for the makeup look. People commented that women are fooling others with their fake appearances and many more.

And “Pokimane without makeup” soon became one of the most mocked videos and quickly resulted in memes and trolls. 

Besides all the trolls and mocking, Pokimane replied to the troll by posting a group of selfies without wearing makeup and wrote that in order to shoot a beautiful photo, it goes under many aspects such as angles, lighting, etc. 

Pokimane also posted a video on YouTube addressing the same “Pokimane without makeup” trolls and mocking.

Pokimane Without Makeup YouTube Video

How have this impacted other streamers in the Twitch community?

When followers were trolling and mocking Pokimane for her “Pokimane no makeup”, many female broadcasters like Valkyrie, one of the female vocal broadcasters, supported Pokimane. 


Pokimane deserves a lot of appreciation for not remaining silent and furiously addressing all the trollers for making fun of her no-makeup appearance and posting her thoughts on various social media platforms such as Twitter and Youtube. And taught all the trollers that one should never be ashamed of their looks. 


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