The Reason for White Dude Removal From Youtube

Rapper Lil Dicky was a Youtube sensation until recently when he disclosed the reason for deleting the White Dude video from youtube. Fans were shocked about it and desperate to know the real reason behind why Dicky turned down his White Dude music video from youtube. The reason is an interview with GQ and controversies along with it. 

White Dude was an inconsiderate music video accepted by Rapper Lil Dicky:

The white Dude music video was shared by 33-year-old rapper Lil Dicky in 2013 on his youtube page. He answered in an interview that he intended to make a comedy music video, but instead, he had faced hatred from fans who tagged him a racist. Critics questioned how white people think they are superior to others and that they can easily escape any racism. 

Lil Dicky stated that his White Dude music video was for fun, intended to entertain the audience, and was never made to hurt sentiments. 

Later, he added that there might be many rumors about White Dude, and he is also not sometimes proud of his jokes. But it was never intentional. He never imagined hurting someone’s feelings, especially through his art.

The rapper highlights in an interview that he has respected other cultures’ sentiments and always tries to make comedy videos. However, the White Dude music video was completely out of line and hurt a huge group of fans.

Another release of Lil Dicky was Freaky Friday, featuring Chris Brown. It was another racist music video of Lil Dicky. The video was about two people switching bodies, where Lil Dicky played the life of Chris Brown, throwing himself at women and enjoying the life of a rich person. The song has the N-word sung by Chris Brown himself. It was a global hit on the top 8 Billboard Charts.

When asked in an interview about his view on his recent release, Freaky Friday, he stated that there is nothing wrong he can see in his music video.

And being on the top chart, he can sum up that people have a nice five minutes of laughter, which eventually entertains people. He also said that his videos are just art, a small initiation to entertain his fans, and never made with the intention to hurt people or their sentiments.

Later, he also mentioned Chris Brown and why he collaborated with Brown in his music video. He told the interviewer that despite many controversies about ex-girlfriend Rihanna, Superstar Chris Brown’s talent overshadows everything.

In addition to the conversation, he mentions two options about Chris. First, he won’t see him and say who Chris Brown is, or second, use his talent for good.

Rapper Lil Dicky mentioned that he wants to create as much music as possible and share it with the world. He never intended to hurt anybody’s feelings or sentiments in his songs. However, lately, his songs have faced controversies. But he can only be sorry and move on. And continue to make comedy videos without offending someone.

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