Different Uses Of Flowers You Must Know

Different Uses Of Flowers You Must Know

Flowers are one of the most delicate and beautiful creations of God. They can be used in various ways and places like for food, driks, medicines etc. The uses of flowers are not confined to just a decade but are being used for centuries. You may be surprised to know that there are many practical ways where flowers can be used. In this article we have listed all the uses of flowers in your day to day life.

Uses Of Flowers


uses of flowers in Medicine

There are many medicines that are made of natural flowers and plants. And these are not just the roots and leaves but actual flowers. For example Chamomile flowers are used in poultices for sprains and bruises. These flowers are also used to producing many essential oils. These oils have many uses related to beauty and skincare. Even the lavender flowers for that ause are used in aromatherapy as they have calming properties. Other than this, the Hops flowers are used to make sedatives. Then there are also some flowers that are used to treat worms. Therefore flowers are best used to make medicines.

Food and Drinks

The next and most common use of flowers is for food and beverages. Sometimes the flowers are so beautiful that you would want to eat them. Well, there are a few flowers you can actually eat. Edible flowers make a great addition to the salads and baked goods. They can be used in cooking many meals. Flowers add flavor and interest to the salads and other meals. You can consider Squash flowers, Dandelion flowers for food meals. Simply batter and fry them, and they are ready to be consumed. Lavender flowers are added to many cookies whereas pansies and violas are a few flowers that can also be eaten up. Just make sure no pesticides are used on the flowers before you eat them.

Talking about drinks, have you ever tasted teas made from flowers? You definitely have because lovers have been used to making teas for centuries. You might have heard of the popular jasmine, chamomile and bee balm flower teas. Flowers, leaves and roots are being used to make teas. These teas are said to have many health benefits. These teas are blooming, healthy and flavorful.


Talking about the next use of flowers, many dyes are made from flowers. There are flowers like yarrow, calendula, saffron and golden rod that are used to produce yellow dye in the fabrics. Sallflower is used for producing red or yellow dye. Whereas white foxgloves help in producing chartreuse. Then hollyhock flowers produce different colored dyes depending on the color of the flower. This way many dye colors can be made from flowers.

Air Purifiers

Flowers are amazing air purifiers. There have been numerous studies done on the flowers that help to purify the air. And as per the studies, many houseplants can reduce the air pollution indoors. There are pollutants like hexane, formaldehyde and benzene, these can be broken down easily with the help of flowers. If there are two flowers that are found extremely effective at reducing air pollution, it has to be florist’s chrysanthemum and gerbera daisies. Apart from filtering the air around, these plants are also known to increase humidity.

Beauty Products

Uses in flowers in Beauty Products

Flowers can be used to make many beauty products. These beauty products are soaps, essential oils, creams and toners. You might have heard about how useful aloe vera is. Well the rouses in your garden are also extremely useful and beneficial for your sin. You can make the most natural rose water toner from those roses and use it for your face. This natural ner will help you tighten your pores and cleanse your skin at the best. Not to forget, the roses smell heavenly so you get fragrance too. Dried flowers like lavender and chamomile can also be added to your soaps and bath water for best results. Then there is one calendula flower which can be used to make body lotions. Hence there is a lot that can be done with flowers.


Recently flowers are being used for creating heavenly decorations during celebrations. And these little cutie pies are doing a great job at it. Whether it is a wedding ceremony or any other religious occasion that needs decoration, flowers will never let you down. With the presence of flowers you can transform the whole decoration to top notch. There are many unisexual flowers that are used to decorate the places. The beauty and smell of the flowers, altogether make every place look amazing.

Flowers are often associated with the beauty of women. And a woman feels extremely special when she is greeted with flowers. Hence if you are wanting to make a woman feel special, do nothing but give her a bunch of her favourite flowers.

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