All About VDXcode VR You Need To Know

Title: All About VEXcode VR You Need to Know

VEXcode VR is a new programming environment that allows you to easily create virtual reality (VR) experiences for the HTC Vive.

With VEXcode VR you can:

– Access and control all the sensors and actuators on the robot.

– Use blocks, threads, and functions to program the robot.

– Simulate your programs in the Vive™ headset.

– Test your programs on the robot before deploying to the actual hardware.

VEXcode VR is the perfect way to get started with programming VR experiences. Check out the tutorial below to see how easy it is to get started.

VEXcode VR Features:

VEXcode VR is a powerful, yet easy to use, drag and drop programming environment with blocks specifically designed for the V5 Robotic System. The Blocks Palette is located on the right side of the VEXcode VR environment and is used to drag and drop blocks of code into the coding window.

VEX robotics also offers a JavaScript option for more experienced programmers. Simply select the JavaScript option from the drop-down menu in the top left corner of the VEXcode VR environment.

One of the most powerful features of VEXcode VR is the ability to view and interact with your robot in a virtual environment. The Virtual Robot Simulator is located in the top left corner of the VEXcode VR environment and can be used to test your code on a virtual robot before downloading it to your physical robot.

The Simulator has a number of features that make it easy to test your code, including the ability to:

Change the virtual robot’s starting position

Add and remove objects from the virtual environment

Change the virtual robot’s battery level

View the virtual robot’s sensors in real time

VEX VR also offers a number of other powerful features, including:

The ability to save and share your code

A comprehensive help system

A built-in code editor

The ability to print your code

VEXcode VR is the perfect programming environment for both novice and experienced programmers alike. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try today!


No software installation required. VEXcode VR works in all major desktop and tablet browsers.

-Virtual Robots:

Using a pre-built robot, users can program drivetrains to navigate, sensors to help solve mazes, pen features with an art canvas to code a creative drawing, and use the new electromagnet to interact with game objects in challenges.

-Virtual Playgrounds:

Users can select from different virtual 3D playgrounds to take advantage of the virtual robot’s features. Additional features include: point of view control as the robot runs code, visual data on the playgrounds’ dashboard, playgrounds that include grid worlds, art canvases, and walled mazes.
-Challenges and activities: Activities are in Google Docs so teachers can add to or edit them.

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